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Fighting for Victims' Rights

Abuse, in any form, should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, the fact remains that a majority of victims, for one reason or another, do not report their offenders. We understand that these are incredibly difficult experiences, and ones fraught with emotional chaos. Whether survivors of abuse are reluctant or hesitant to report, or simply unsure of how to begin the claim process, our firm wants it to be known that we are here to support abuse victims, help them protect and assert their legal rights, and fight for justice and fair compensation on their behalf. Our services are available to all abuse victims, regardless of the situation.

Some examples of the case we are prepared to handle include:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abuse in schools
  • Abuse in organizations, including sports teams and the Boy Scouts of America
  • Abuse in religious organizations
  • Abuse or harassment in the workplace

At Carl Reynolds Law, we do not handle cases. We represent people. When the clients we serve have a voice that needs to be heard, our Bradenton personal injury lawyers work relentlessly to ensure that they are and that our clients receive the genuine support, confidentiality, protection and legal advocacy they require.

How Civil Abuse Claims Work

Abuse survivors should be aware that abuse claims are handled in a unique manner. While some case may or may not involve criminal court proceedings that concern the guilt and punishment of a wrongdoer, the civil cases we help victims complete concern only the liability of others to compensate victims for the damages they suffered.

This means that offenders - as well as responsible parties or organizations that failed to stop or prevent the abuse - can held liable in a civil court for compensating an abuse survivor for any physical, emotional and / or financial damages that were incurred. In many cases, there is also a statute of limitations, which essentially sets a limit on when an abuse claim can be filed. A statute of limitations can vary from case to case, but it is advised that survivors reach out to our firm sooner, rather than later.

Retain a Compassionate Bradenton Personal Injury Attorney

Entirely committed to the clients we serve, our legal team is here to assist and support your throughout the entirety of your case. Although this can certainly be an overwhelming and intimidating experience, it can also be a rewarding and commendable one. By working with a compassionate Bradenton personal injury lawyer to make your voice heard, you can obtain a sense of justice and the compensation you deserve. You can also play a part in raising awareness about abuse and in ensuring that others are do not fall victim. Work with a firm that genuinely cares about clients.

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Real Client Testimonials

  • Client Testimonial | Michaela Newman
    "They were just so compassionate from the very beginning and they were there with us every step of the way."
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    "The minute I walked in they treated me as if I was family."
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    "Every single person that I dealt with in the office was exceptional"