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Representation for Catastrophic Injury Victims and Families

Catastrophic injuries can be any type of injury that results in the need for long-term and / or life-long medical care. Some of the most devastating catastrophic injuries include those that involve head trauma and brain injuries. With an overwhelming potential to result in extensive physical damages, brain injuries often subject victims and their loved ones to prolonged emotional pain and extensive financial strains.

As we believe that brain injury victims and families should not be saddled with the burdens caused by the negligence of others, our legal team makes it a point to fight vigorously on their behalf.

A fragile organ about which there is still relatively little known, the human brain is capable of amazing things. Although the brain is resilient, physical damages caused by accidents, falls and other traumatic impacts can have the potential to seriously alter its neurological and physical structure. In many cases, this can result in serious physical or mental disabilities, psychological and neurological disorders and tremendous limitations.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are well known for their elusiveness to medical diagnosis, treatment and care. As there is still a great deal to be learned about the way in which the human mind functions, reacts to injuries and repairs itself, the only thing that can be said with certainly about these experiences is that they are times of emotional turbulence and distress. With the experience, resources and skills to work these complex cases and support the unique needs of victims and families, our firm can ensure that you have the help you need.

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Our firm wants brain injury victims, and their families, throughout Manatee County and the surrounding communities to know that we want to help. With unique complications and a combatant stance taken by insurance companies, brain injury claims require strong, resourceful and proven legal minds.

As we have recovered more than $50 million in compensation for our clients and because we treat your situation as if it were our own, you can feel confidence known that an experienced and genuine legal team is on your side. Contact Carl Reynolds Law today.