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Our firm's primary philosophy is to treat cases, accidents, and injuries as if they were our own. We treat clients as if they were our family and devote an unrivaled level of personal commitment to each and every injured victim we represent. This is because we know that when it comes to injuries, it's always personal.

Why Choose Carl Reynolds Law? We Offer Our Clients the Following:

  • We start every personal injury claim with a completely free, confidential consultation.
  • We are committed to protecting your rights from start to finish.
  • We utilize a full arsenal of resources and skills to secure the maximum compensation.
  • We have former experience working hand-in-hand with insurance companies.
  • We have secured more than $50 million in financial damages for our clients.
  • We fight vigorously and tenaciously until a satisfactory resolution is obtained.
  • We offer bilingual legal services for English and Spanish speaking clients.

Whatever your case may entail and wherever the most favorable resolution may rest, you can be confident that our team has the experience, the confidence and the dedication to recover the full financial compensation you require.

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We've Recovered More than $50 Million for Victims in Manatee County

In the wake of car accidents, victims can experience tremendous strains and setbacks. From the physical injuries they sustain to life-altering emotional damages, victims and families are forced to endure some of the most difficult experiences life has to offer.

To make matters worse, victims and families are often forced to grapple with debilitating debts accrued from costly medical bills, property losses, lost work wages, and lost income.

Residents and families of Bradenton, Manatee County, and the surrounding communities can take comfort knowing that experienced and passionate legal assistance is nearby and that an auto accident lawyer from our firm is prepared to provide them with the personalized support and representation they deserve.

Having worked with numerous car accident victims and their loved ones throughout the years, our firm knows full well just how serious the need for full and fair compensation can be.

Common Settlements for Car Accident Cases

If you are suffering from a car accident and in need of financial recovery, you are likely wondering what to expect out of your case. Although each settlement will be specific to the variances of your case, there are some factors you can be made aware of.

One way to obtain a very rough estimate of what your case will be worth is to add up all of your expenses for medical bills and other costs from the accident, then multiply that sum by three. Although this will be a very approximate number, it can be helpful when pursuing compensation to know what your case is worth.

Causes of Car Accidents

All drivers, passengers, and pedestrians accept inherent risks every time they get behind the wheel or venture onto public roads and highways. While the potential for accidents and injuries may always exist, the American judicial system protects the rights of those who are injured in preventable accidents caused by the negligence of another. This means that should there be evidence that another's negligence caused your accident and injury, you have the right to pursue legal action and recover the damages you suffered.

This hold true for car accidents caused by any factor or situation, including:

  • Roadway defects
  • Auto part defects
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Impaired or drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive or reckless driving
  • Driver error, negligence or other acts of unlawful driving

Negligence is one of the most essential legal elements in any type of car accident claim. It can also be complicated by Florida's liability laws, the reluctance of large and powerful insurance companies, and a number of other unique circumstances. Regardless of the situation, our firm tailors our investigations to root out the underlying cause and establish evidence that another party must be held at fault for causing your injuries and damages.

What We Can Do for You

No matter what the cause of your accident may be, you can be sure that our legal team will work without rest until we reach the best outcome possible. Although we tailor our strategies to each unique case and client, it is imperative in any car accident that investigations begin as soon as possible. Information, evidence and memories all get lost, misplaced or forgotten with the passage of time. The sooner we can investigate the circumstances of your particular case, the better.

When we go to court, we go to win. Other cases are handled similarly with modifications depending on specific circumstances.

  • We assist in getting our client's car repaired or, if beyond repair, ensuring that our clients get full market value for their totaled vehicle.
  • We monitor our client's medical treatment and make sure that the insurance company is paying the full and just amount of financial compensation.
  • We aid in getting our clients reimbursed for prescription medication, mileage to and from doctor appointments and compensation for any lost wages.
  • We invest hours upon hours with our clients personally and in reviewing their medical reports and other related documentation to make sure that all holes are plugged and that there are no surprises in moving forward with litigation.

Generally, investigations involve getting hold of the full police report, sending letters and communicating with the insurance companies involved with instructions to "leave our clients alone" - to stop hounding them with phone calls or bombarding them with forms to fill out. We will also interview witnesses, take photographs of the accident scene, secure copies of any video capturing the accident from traffic lights or businesses close by and whatever else is necessary. We also provide full and personalized support to our clients and set swiftly toward reaching favorable settlements or verdicts through trial.

Common Injuries Reported in Car Accidents

The injuries suffered in a car accident can vary dramatically depending on the circumstances of each individual crash. As your car accident lawyers, it will be our job to get a full understanding of your injuries and how the collision is what caused or worsened them.

Some injuries that are often reported in car accident claims are:

  • Whiplash: Rear-end collisions, which are one of the most common types of car accidents, often cause the people in the front car to suffer whiplash. Many people assume whiplash is not a serious injury because it does not actually involve a bone break. Although, the truth is quite the opposite. Whiplash is caused by muscle, tendon, and nerve damage along the neck when it rocks back and forth violently in a crash. Chronic pain, limited movement, and migraines can all be caused by whiplash.
  • Back injuries: Other than whiplash, rear-end accidents also commonly cause back or spine injuries. Discs in the spine can become compressed, inflamed, swollen, or otherwise damaged from the force of an impact. If the spinal cord itself is injured, then the car accident survivor could experience temporary, permanent, partial, or complete paralysis, depending on what part of the spinal cord was damaged.
  • Head injuries: If a driver hits their head upon any part of the car in a crash, like the steering wheel or the side window, then a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may follow. Anyone in a car accident should see a doctor as soon as possible, even if they feel relatively fine. Head injuries can start off as a subtle soreness but rapidly worsen and show their true nature days later.
  • Broken bones: Violent car accidents can trigger such powerful impacts that victims suffer broken bones. As a bone break mends, the patient will likely need bedrest and be unable to complete any work or hold gainful employment. Lost wages will need to be considered in any car accident claim involving a bone break.

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