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Causes of Car Accidents

Carl Reynolds Law Explains Risks after car accidents

All drivers, passengers, and pedestrians accept inherent risks every time they get behind the wheel or venture onto public roads and highways. While the potential for accidents and injuries may always exist, the American judicial system protects the rights of those who are injured in preventable accidents caused by the negligence of another. This means that should there be evidence that another's negligence caused your accident and injury, you have the right to pursue legal action and recover the damages you suffered.

Negligence is one of the most essential legal elements in any type of car accident claim. It can also be complicated by Florida's liability laws, the reluctance of large and powerful insurance companies, and a number of other unique circumstances. Regardless of the situation, our firm tailors our investigations to root out the underlying cause and establish evidence that another party must be held at fault for causing your injuries and damages.

Our Investigation Process

No matter what the cause of your accident may be, you can be sure that our legal team will work without rest until we reach the best outcome possible. Although we tailor our strategies to each unique case and client, it is imperative in any car accident that investigations begin as soon as possible. Information, evidence and memories all get lost, misplaced or forgotten with the passage of time. The sooner we can investigate the circumstances of your particular case, the better.

Generally, investigations involve getting hold of the full police report, sending letters and communicating with the insurance companies involved with instructions to "leave our clients alone" - to stop hounding them with phone calls or bombarding them with forms to fill out. We will also interview witnesses, take photographs of the accident scene, secure copies of any video capturing the accident from traffic lights or businesses close by and whatever else is necessary. We also provide full and personalized support to our clients and set swiftly toward reaching favorable settlements or verdicts through trial.

Experience and Versatility You Need

Our firm's primary philosophy is to treat cases, accidents, and injuries as if they were our own. We treat clients as if they were our family and devote an unrivaled level of personal commitment to each and every injured victim we represent. This is because we know that when it comes to injuries, it's always personal.

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