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At Carl Reynolds Law in Port Charlotte, we have built a reputation for treating our clients with respect and their cases as if we were representing ourselves. When you come to our law firm for assistance after a wreck, you are not only choosing to work with highly experienced professionals but also genuinely compassionate members of your community. If an insurance company is trying to sell your claim short, we take that personally and do all we can to correct the situation.

A few reasons why you should hire our law firm:

  • More than $50 million in compensation secured for past clients
  • Familiar with major car insurance companies
  • Bilingual services in English and Spanish
  • Free initial consultations to get you started

Do not delay when it comes to seeking full compensation for your injuries. Call our Port Charlotte car accident attorneys at (888) 905-4453 now.

When Every Penny Counts, We Fight

The outcome of a car accident can be truly devastating. Depending on the type of vehicle that hit you, the speed it was traveling, and more, your injuries could range from serious to life-changing or life-threatening. For more severe injuries, immediate and extensive medical treatments will be necessary, which means steep medical costs will follow.

If you are at risk of financial distress after a car accident, then our team would like to hear from you to see how we can help. Our experience with complex car accident cases paired with our history of litigation against most major insurance companies has allowed us to refine our legal strategies to a sharp point. We are also well-versed in damage calculations, so we know how to accurately determine your total damages as well as how to pursue that amount to the fullest.

Your damages in a car accident claim can include:

  • Medical bills, including future medical care and follow-up treatments
  • Wages lost or reduced due to missing work while injured
  • Vehicle repair or replacement, possibly through a separate vehicle damage claim
  • Damages related to your undue pain, suffering, and hardship

Who Caused Your Car Accident?

The question of how much money you are owed after a car accident is paired with the question of who owes you that money. Determining liability in a car accident claim is oftentimes more complicated than a client might expect. If there is any reason to believe that the other driver’s negligence was not the sole cause of the crash, then we will have to investigate further to identify other liable parties. Although, divided liability could be a positive thing because it might mean your claim can be filed against multiple insurance companies or policies, increasing the chances of paying your full damages before hitting an insurance policy cap.

A few factors that might have caused your car accident could be:

  • Reckless or distracted driving
  • Intoxicated or impaired driving
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Auto parts defects

Our Port Charlotte car accident attorneys can work with local experts to really get into the details of your car accident and how it was caused. For example, we can call on accident reconstruction experts to recreate with amazing details the scene of the crash, just before and after impact. Or we can network with medical experts to discuss your injuries and how they were most likely caused. Our popularity and familiarity in the region become your advantages as your claim develops.

Fight Today, Call Today

The last thing a car insurance company wants you to do after a crash is to hire a car accident attorney. They would rather you try to go through the process alone so they can undervalue your damages or reject your claim outright. Give them something to worry about by hiring the Port Charlotte car accident lawyers of Carl Reynolds Law! We are here to support and elevate your claim from start to finish.

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