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Suing Trucking Companies for Serious Injuries

No matter how safely you try to drive whenever you head out on the highway, you can never know when a reckless truck driver will have different ideas. Each day, the streets around Sarasota, the I-75, and the 301 and 41 see truck accidents of varying severity. Many result in life-changing injuries and some will even end a life.

If you or a family member have been caught in a serious truck accident, then you need to think about how you can demand compensation for what happened. You should also be exploring your legal options with the help of a trusted local attorney, like those you can find here at Carl Reynolds Law. We bring more than 30 years of collective experience to every case we handle, which creates an opposing team that insurance companies rarely anticipate.

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Unique Factors in Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accident cases usually have complications that arise. But truck accident cases tend to have even more due to unique factors related to commercial trucks.

Three unique factors in a truck accident case are:

  • Truck design: The damage caused in a trucking accident is practically guaranteed to be catastrophic due to the massive size and weight of a big rig compared to the average motor vehicle. A fully loaded commercial truck can be 20 times heavier than a passenger car, which means it will exert that much more force on the smaller vehicle in a crash. Even at low speeds, a truck can crush another vehicle.
  • Parent trucking company: Another problem with trucking accidents is that the truck driver might not be fully liable for the accident. It is common for some liability to be placed on the parent trucking company, which introduces another defending party who will have a chance to challenge your claim.
  • FMCSA regulations: Commercial trucks must comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations unless there is a special exception. The introduction of these industry-specific rules and regulations can create another hurdle that your claim needs to overcome when you are pursuing compensation.

How Multiple Parties Become Liable for a Crash

When in a car accident, you usually only have to file a claim against one party: the other driver. The party that answers it will be their insurance provider, but you do not need to worry about juggling multiple claims. A truck accident case is different, though, because numerous parties are probably liable at least in some small part for a crash.

A few parties that can be named as liable defendants include:

  • Trucker: The truck driver who caused your crash will probably be mostly liable for the accident. They could have insurance through their employer or a privately purchased policy. In either case, we know how to file a claim against them for a fair recovery.
  • Employer: The trucking company that employs or contracts the truck driver can be found partially liable for a crash if they have encouraged the truck driver to engage in unsafe behavior. For example, a trucking company could be found professionally negligent if they scheduled a trucker an unreasonably extended shift, especially if that shift violated FMCSA regulations.
  • Load crew: Third parties who place cargo and products on or in a commercial truck can also become liable for a crash if their work was unsafe. For example, a truck can tip over due to cargo being stacked incorrectly and making the trailer top-heavy, which would partially be the fault of the load crew.
  • Truck manufacturer: The company that made the truck or some of its parts can also be liable for a truck accident if investigators determine the crash was caused due to a product defect. Faulty brakes are a typical example of a defective truck part that can cause a horrible accident with little or no notice.

Get 30+ Years of Total Legal Experience

Your truck accident case could create serious headaches if you try to manage it on your own. Leave everything up to our Sarasota truck accident lawyers, so you do not need to deal with any of the frustrations. We can move your case along as if we were representing ourselves, which means fighting diligently for every cent of compensation you deserve.

We want to secure a settlement or verdict award that helps pay for:

  • Past and current medical costs
  • Future medical bills
  • Vehicle damage
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lowered enjoyment of life

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