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Why Hire a Firm that Fights?

You Need a Tough Trial Lawyer on Your Side

Personal injury claims are resolved either through out-of-court settlements or through verdicts reached by way of trial. Handling these claims requires legal creativity and the ability to reach a favorable resolution no matter which direction the case takes.

Should you choose to work with Carl Reynolds Law during your personal injury claim process, you can be sure that our legal team will fight relentlessly on your behalf throughout your entire legal journey.

Hiring an attorney who is not afraid to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial is important. We prepare every case for trial and are not intimidated when insurance companies fail to make reasonable offers. At Carl Reynolds Law, we fight for you!

We have the financial resources, the ingenuity and the experience to handle even the most complex lawsuits and we have the will to see it through for you. While we work extremely hard during our pre-lawsuit negotiations in an effort to obtain the best settlement possible, there are times when insurance companies and defendants simply fail to pay what is fair or just.

Preparing Every Case For Trial. When We Go to Court, We Go To Win.

As we work tirelessly during pre-lawsuit negotiations in getting to know your story and properly conveying that story to the insurance companies and defendants, we are often successful in reaching an effective and satisfactory cash settlement for our clients. There are times, however, when insurance companies and defendants are simply unreasonable and, in those cases - about one-third of the clients we represent - we file a lawsuit without hesitation.

This approach is important because insurance companies know the law firms that file suit and the firms that do not. Insurance companies know that Carl Reynolds Law will file a lawsuit if they fail to do the right thing and they know that when we go to court, we go to win.

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

No matter what your case may entail or where it may lead, our Bradenton personal injury attorneys are here for you. Through our abilities to meticulously prepare cases, effectively negotiate settlements, and aggressively litigate, we have the versatility needed to obtain a favorable resolution in any legal setting.

Inside or outside of the courtroom, you can place your trust in a firm that takes your case personally. At Carl Reynolds Law, when it comes to injuries, it's always personal. Contact our firm today.

We Are Committed to Our Clients

At Carl Reynolds Law, our personal injury attorneys do not work cases or "handle" clients. We represent people - people like you. Whether it is an individual injured victim or a family in need, we are here to support and serve those who have a story to tell about an unfortunate and unforeseen event. We understand that your accident and its aftermath have changed your life and impacted your physical, emotional and financial well-being.

We work tirelessly to make sure that your story is told and that your voice is heard. We immediately investigate the circumstances surrounding your incident with a licensed investigator. We get facts and information directly from you, often with us meeting with you in your home, at the doctor's office, or in a place most convenient for you.

Our Bradenton personal injury lawyers interview witnesses and are in constant communication with your doctors and medical providers to ensure that we are informed of your diagnosis and prognosis. We make sure second, and sometimes third or fourth, opinions are secured to solidify your claim and to explore all treatment options.

Guiding Manatee County Residents Through Their Legal Journeys

In this journey together, your story of personal injury becomes part of our firm's story - and it gets personal for us as well. You become part of our family, and we fight vigorously for our family.

Bradenton personal injury attorneys at Carl Reynolds LawPersonalized attention has been the driving force behind our firm's legal practice and our ability to consistently deliver successful results and compensation to the victims and families we represent.

Throughout the years serving injured victims and families, our Bradenton personal injury attorneys have managed to secure more than $50 million dollars in compensation on their behalf. This is because we personally invest ourselves, our resources and our time to ensure that you receive customized legal solutions, the highest quality service possible, and the most favorable resolution available.

Contact our firm today. Our staff members are bilingual in Spanish and English and are ready to help you. At Carl Reynolds Law, when it comes to injuries, it's always personal.